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Branch meetings

Hello everyone and thanks for your interest in Essex Independence.

Our following is gradually increasing here on our website and on social media. I am interested to know who amongst you would be interested in attending a branch meeting. If you are interested please could you send me an email at

We have all had a rubbish couple of years with the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions and daily fear mongering by the Media & Government. On that note, I do hope you haven't been taking everything the powers that be say as Gospel. It is sensible to be cautious and informed on the subject, but remember that both of these institutions have a conflict of interest when presenting information to you. For the media, they know that fear sells better than hope, so it is in their interest to sensationalise stories so that more of you tune in, log on, or buy those papers. For the Government, they know that fear will encourage you give them more power. Fear serves them both very well.

I want to offer you hope. We are in a very different position to March 2020. Immunity to the virus is increasing, through a combination of immunisation and natural immunity. The virus is also weakening with each mutation (more technically there is a downward trend in virulence). Treatments are also improving. The combination of the three means means that the Infection Fatality Ratio (IFR) is now much less than it was, and (contrary to the impression given by all the fear mongering) it wasn't that high to start with. The Governments own figures from March 2020 put the IFR at 0.01% for 20 year olds and 8% for 80 year olds. This was with no prior immunity. The IFR is considerably reduced once you have some immunity, which you will all almost certainly have by now. So take plenty of Vitamin D and don't live in fear.

Politically the pandemic has damaged small parties, who have been unable to meet during lockdown restrictions, and even in between many have been worried about attending gatherings. But a life hidden away in our houses not socialising with people is no life at all. So I think it is time we all get together, have a drink and a chat and discuss how we can make a positive impact on our County. I don't have a date in mind yet. It could be before Christmas, or in the new year. But I want you to know it is coming up. So do think about attending. I would like as many of us to come along as possible. Your interest in Independents makes you special.

If you want to discuss anything drop me an email.

Best wishes,


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