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This page gives a brief profile and contact information for each of our board and branch committee members.

Our Leadership Board

Alan Stannard


Apart from 10 years in the city, I was self-employed until retirement. I voted Conservative when I was younger (basically because my Dad was a Labour voter) and first got involved in politics to get us out of the EU, becoming Branch and Essex County Chairman for the UK Independence Party. Post Brexit now I want to free our Councils from Party Politics. 


Mike Parker


An Engineer/Scientist by trade, I was drawn into politics for the referendum. I voted Labour as a kid, Conservative once I realised I was paying, and UKIP on discovering that whoever we voted for we got the European Commission. Several years later it is clear to me that Brexit is only the beginning of the democratic renewal needed to make Politicians work for us.  


David Huxter


A retired Engineer having worked at Marconi before teaching Design & Technology and Maths. I'm Chairman of Braintree Access Group, helping those with disabilities and special needs children. I am also my wife’s carer. I’m a Christian and treasurer of our Church. Politically I used to vote Conservative before joining UKIP, becoming Chairman of Braintree Branch. 

David wide.jpg

Norma Huxter


Having retired as a Disability Trainer & Advocate, I am now Secretary of Braintree Access group, a member of the Citizen's Senate and a Community Champion for Mid-Essex CCG. I grew up in Labour household with my father being a miner, though I voted Conservative until UKIP came along, with whom I campaigned hard for us to become a Sovereign Nation once more. Now I want Party Politics to take a back seat to ensure voters are truly listened to.



Standing up for residents

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