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What does party politics bring to local government?

Nothing, it brings local government into line.

Welcome to Essex Independence, a party with a vision to empower Essex residents by transferring control of our Councils to Independent Councillors who will Govern in your best interests, not Westminster's.

Democracy is broken.


As political parties have increased their hold over Parliament and our Councils, power has been taken from residents and centralised in Westminster, leaving you powerless to shape your community or to fix things when they’re going wrong. Your ability to achieve change on any issue has been reduced to picking your favourite colour, and the alleged mandate this creates for a manifesto of policies you had no say on. 


Council's meet in debating chambers so that your representatives can gather together to discuss and resolve problems, but democratic debate is being suppressed by Parties who force “their Councillors” to vote along Party lines, showing no consideration for what residents actually want. Independents are the only Councillors with the freedom to speak up for you. This is how representative democracy is meant to function and party politics has always has been a corruption of it.


Essex Independence wants every Council in Essex to be controlled by Independents to restore legitimate democracy to the County and we will work with any individual, councillor or organisation that wants the same. If you feel inspired by what we're doing, read our about page for more information, and please do get involved. To start with you can subscribe to our mailing list below. It takes a lot of people, passion and money to succeed in politics. So if you are as passionate about Independents as we are, then please help us help Essex!

Mike Parker

Leader of Essex Independence.

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Standing up for residents

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