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Help us revive democracy and empower residents.


Party Politics has left us all powerless to shape the communities we live in. Our representatives are told what to think and how to vote by a Party instead of by the residents they serve. They’ve taken our power and our money, but they’re taking their instructions from others. It’s not right, and it needs to change. 

The solution is simple enough: we need to get back to electing people, not parties! Local people who answer only to residents, who will listen to us and have the freedom to do what we ask. If we want legitimate democracy we need Independent representatives. But standing as an Independent is hard and expensive, especially for the higher levels of Government where all the power is.


I set this Party up to champion Independents across our County, by providing the support and finances they need to get elected at a level where they can make a difference. I'm an Independent Councillor myself and I want to see a large and growing number of Independents on our District and County Councils. Thats the vision, but I need your help to make it happen. Click the join button above and become a supporter for free today.

Mike Parker

Leader of Essex Independence.

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What does party politics bring to local government?

Nothing, it brings local government into line.

Welcome to Essex Independence, a party with a vision to empower Essex residents by transferring control of our Councils to Independent Councillors who will Govern in your best interests, not Westminster's.




Standing up for residents

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